Manitowoc Lodge 65
Free & Accepted Masons

Founded in 1856 the Manitowoc Lodge has been home to thousands of brethren along the lakeshore region of Northeast Wisconsin. Our temple was erected in 1923 and was recently refurbished. Won't you please come and join us for fellowship?

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Interested in becoming a mason?

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Bro. Jim Hooper: Worshipful Master
Bro. Dean Graunke: Senior Warden
Bro. Cory Witting: Junior Warden
Bro. Dale Schnicke: Treasurer
Bro. Jordan Hinze: Secretary
Bro. Andrew Gold: Senior Deacon
Bro. Dean Brusky: Junior Deacon
Bro. Bill Poulos: Tiler
Bro. Ron Pilon: Senior Steward
Bro. Bob Borneman: Chaplain
Bro. Gary Gold: Counselor
Bro. Dean Brusky: Trustee
Bro. Dean Graunke: Trustee
Bro. Eric Pangburn: Trustee