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Manitowoc Lodge #65 F.& A.M. Manitowoc, WI April – May 2017
A Sense of Place, in a Place That Makes Sense

Not long ago I was driving into Two Rivers and I saw that phrase on a banner welcoming people to our community. I smiled and nodded in agreement with whomever the author of that prophetic line was. Fast forward a few weeks and upon a recent trip to our Lodge I walked in and found myself involuntarily saying in my head "a sense of place, in a place that makes sense." This stopped me in my tracks. It was a moment of realization for me, a moment flooded with a whole- body sense of warmth and belonging. I was alone in the Lodge at this point, just myself and the history contained within it's walls. So I repeated the words out loud "a sense of place, in a place that makes sense." I took a moment to reflect on my passion for the craft and our beloved fraternity.
The history. It is amazing to be part of this historic and famed fraternity. Bro. Bruder and I have commented to each other on this quite extensively. Knowing that we are all part of something great, something that some of the greatest men in known history have been a part of. This is a BIG DEAL if you sit back and think about it. You, I, we, are all part of an organization that has helped shape not only our country but countries all around the world.
Personal development. We all have our areas of opportunity. Freemasonry, if you listen to, learn and reflect on it's teachings, has helped, is helping and will help many more to improve themselves in many facets of life. Literally millions of men have been brought to light and are seeking more light in the most excellent tenets of our institution.
Brotherhood. Harmony, as we know is the strength and support of all institutions, our Fraternal Brotherhood especially. In my travels through Freemasonry my path has crossed the paths of many people that it wouldn't have otherwise. I feel I am a better man for it. Let me rephrase that,
I KNOW I am a better man for it. I have met and formed indispensable friendships that have enriched my life. There are many prospectives within our Lodge, all of which have their validity and we all learn from and respect each other. There are countless personalities within every lodge and Freemasonry in general. Each personality, when mixed with the other's enriches and forms the dynamic that is our Lodge and our Fraternity.
Camaraderie. This ties in with Brotherhood almost interchangeably. I have experienced camaraderie in many different ways since becoming a Mason. From an early Sunday Morning meeting at the Lodge with a Brother seeking an attentive ear and a faithful breast. To the random drop in of a Brother while I am working at the coffeehouse, just to say hi and support myself and the business. Occasionally meeting Brother's after meetings at local libation stations to rest and refresh ourselves after our labors. To sharing an emotional moment with a Brother that brought us to tears. All examples of camaraderie I have had.
Alas, Introspective clichés abound. In the end, I have, as I said earlier, a sense of place here in our Lodge and Masonry. Freemasonry is where I am and is my way of life and I seek to improve myself in it. The high ideals taught by Freemasonry, shared with likeminded Brothers growing as people together and doing good in the community and in the world, to me, it makes sense.
I truly hope all of you have a similar sense of place within our Lodge and Freemasonry. We value you, I value you, each and everyone one of you. Thank you all for being you.
Bro. Nic Bornemann Worshipful Master

Trustees News
Greetings Brothers from your Lodge trustees,
As all of you know, our beautiful lodge building is over 80 years old. Of course, a building that old is going to require a little TLC from time to time. Your lodge trustees have been working hard to identify and address the many issues facing our building.
Current issues we are dealing with include:
1. The heating system: Several items of immediate concern exist, namely a number of leaking and/or valves on some of the radiators. Some of these leaks are actually causing additional damage to the building. The estimated costs for these repairs is $5000.00.
A more long term concern with the boiler is the very real possibility that it will soon fail to work entirely. Although it is impossible to determine how much longer the boiler will last, one heating specialists indicated it may fail within the year. The estimated cost to replace the boiler is $50,000.00. Obviously, this is a substantial expense that we cannot ignore.
2. Windows: the floor windows in the lodge room need replacing, as the cold air cuts right though them. There are also 14 other windows throughout the building with cracked panes. We are waiting for an repair estimate for these windows.
3. Chimney: It needs some masonry work, as it is starting to fall apart. Again, we are awaiting estimates.
There are many other issues around the building that need to be addressed. Look to future issues of the trestle board for updates.
Eric R. Pangburn
Nic Bornemann, W.M. 920-901-7838

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