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From The East
Hello Brothers,
A new year is upon us as 2018 comes to a close and I can say I am looking forward to the upcoming year. Our Secretary/Treasurer has informed us at the meeting in early December that our lodge did a good job raising money. I hope to have this year be just as good or even better.
I have been a part of the Freemasons for eight years now and as I look back I realize that i have made great friends within our district, both in the Manitowoc Lodge and the other lodges which i have visited. I will be working with these friends throughout the year to keep things on the level. I realize this position is not to be taken lightly, but you can't be afraid to laugh at things sometimes either.
I promise to do my best as Manitowoc Lodges newest master and as stated before look forward to working with my brothers to keep our lodge alive and active.
Fraternally: Brother Cory Witting
Worshipful Master

This Is the 10th Grip Message
Something special happens every year, remembering the smiles & happy times – Young kids & older adults – But Maybe. . . one person or special symbol not “a” religion or faith, but one value – In the hearts of mankind, the “real” reason for the season – Can you feel it? I thank god for another chance to get it right!
“So Mote It Be” JH, PWM

Treasurer’s Note
2019 dues are overdue on January 1st. In February, our per capita tax is due to Grand Lodge. The Lodge must pay $43 per MM to Grand Lodge regardless if he is current or in arrears with his dues. Please pay want you can in a timely manner towards your dues to help cover this cost. Thank you to everyone who has payed their dues on time. Thank you to the brothers that maintain the building, and thank you to all who donated to the building fund.
Bro. Alex Bruder

Blue Lodge
Cory Witting, W.M. 920-242-6667 Alex Bruder, Sec. 920-905-0344

January 3 6:00 PM Meal 7:00 PM Stated Communication Manitowoc #65 F&A.M.
January 10 7:00 PM Manitowoc Chapter #16, RAM
January 17 6:00 PM Meal 7:00 PM Stated Communication Manitowoc #65 F&A.M.
February 7 6:00 PM Meal 7:00 PM Stated Communication Manitowoc #65 F&A.M.
February 14 Keith A. Meacham Chapter #98, RAM

February 21 6:00 PM Meal 7:00 PM Stated Communication Manitowoc #65 F&A.M.

11 – Eric Pangburn 19 – Robert Siebelink 19 – Alex Bruder
06 – Dwight Pierce 09 – James Snowden 11 – Derek Stevenson 13 – Bill Poulos
14 – Mark Jens 19 – Kyle Kozlowski 28 – Richard Sell
Masonic Birthdays
Roger Bardo Jr. Raised 01/16/2014
Herman Balaban 01/18/1961
Leonard Kaufman Raised Raised 02/17/1971
Victor Sanchez Raised Raised 02/01/2014
James Snowden 01/20/1971

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